Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for beginners 2022

Taimur Ijlal
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The Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) revolution is going to impact businesses and employees at all levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 or a start-up or if you are an intern or an executive at the C-level, you need to know AI. It is no longer a competitive advantage but a requirement for success. The AI market is expected to expand to around $60 billion by 2025 and the demand for AI specialists has grown to over 75% year by year.

A common myth is that you need to be a programmer or a maths wizard to succeed in AI which is completely false. AI has many career paths tailored to your unique skills and its growing social impact means the demand for AI professionals is not going away anytime soon.

A major barrier for new entrants into this market however is the ( seeming ) complexity of this topic

  • Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) but find it way too intimidating and complex to learn ?
  • Do you want to build a solid foundation of AI concepts and Machine Learning without doing a PHD in mathematics and advanced coding ?
  • Are you thinking about pursuing a career in AI / Machine Learning but don't know where to start ?

If you answered YES  then this course is for you !  This course is specifically designed to take away the complexity and mystery surrounding AI and Machine Learning and make it accessible for average IT guy who does not know advanced programming or data science. It will teach you the core concepts of AI / Machine Learning and then make you actually implement them using freely available services so that you get actual practical experience ! 

What students are saying ?

"Amazing teacher and content. If you want to learn AI, start here!!"

- Wasif Ij,

"I really enjoyed this quick course, it’s informative and easy to understand specially for people like me with no AI and ML background."

- Ehab Badawi,

"Amazing Course for beginners! Very well taught. I was looking forward to a similar course in AI."

- Aimen Mumtaz

About the Instructor:

A multi-award winning, information security leader with over 20 years of international experience in cyber-security and IT risk management in the fin-tech industry. Winner of major industry awards in the Middle East such as CISO of the year, CISO top 30, CISO top 50 and Most Outstanding Security team.

Taimur has served as Head of Information Security for several major companies in the Middle East and spoken on numerous industry events over the years. Additionally, he has been published in ISACA journal, CIO Magazine Middle East and Pakistan’s leading technology magazine SPIDER. He is currently residing in London UK after being awarded a UK Global Talent VISA in 2021.

He also has a YouTube Channel : Cloud Security Guy where talks about AI , Cloud Security and general career advice.

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A full self-paced course for learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning from scratch

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for beginners 2022

3 ratings